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Requirements and Expectations

The requirements and expectations for summer students are few but extremely important. Students in all SFP programs are required to submit two written interim reports, an abstract, and a final technical paper, and give a final presentation. These requirements help students develop good communication skills, focus on progress toward their research goals, and synthesize the work done over the ten-week period.

Meet all requirements – on time

Students are expected to complete the above requirements in a timely fashion. Caltech students who do not complete all program requirements will not be eligible for future SFP awards and your SURF will not go on your transcript.

Immerse yourself in the science!

SFP programs are designed to be an educational and professional research experience. Students should devote full effort to the project during the ten-week period and should not hold other jobs, take classes, etc. You are expected to participate fully in the life of the research group, respect the work of all members of the group, and participate in group meetings or other virtual gatherings. Students should put in as much effort as other members of the group work.

Make the most of the experience

Like most any opportunity, students will get out of the summer what they put into it. Those who work hard on their projects, ask questions, delve into the subject, and reflect on what they are doing and why they are doing it, will learn a great deal. Make every effort to attend the academic and professional development activities provided by SFP and the JPL Education Office.

Get help if needed!

The staff of the Student-Faculty Programs office is here to assist you with questions or problems that arise during the summer. If you need help, please do not hesitate to contact us or come in. The summer passes very quickly, so it is better to address issues sooner than later!